The Technologies of the Future Showcase will spotlight some of the most innovative, forward-thinking technologies being developed across exponential technologies. The innovators will present their technologies, addressing the current state of their research and vision for future applications.



NotionTheory is a design and development firm based in Washington D.C. that specializes in the fields of web, mobile, virtual reality, augmented reality and artificial intelligence. NotionTheory launched the first virtual reality arcade on the East Coast and created Primrose VR: one of the first available open-source frameworks for rapid VR application development on the web.



TJBot is a programmable cardboard robot, powered by IBM Watson, that allows users to experience and experiment with 'embodied cognition' - embedding AI technology into devices, objects and spaces one already interacts with. TJBot has a range of capabilities, including speaking, listening, waving and dancing. Each of these capabilities are enabled by TJBot's embedded sensors, combined with a set of cognitive services. Come interact with TJBot at the IBM table, and click here for more info -


IBM Quantum Experience represents the birth of quantum cloud computing, offering students, researchers, and general science enthusiasts hands-on access to IBM’s experimental cloud-enabled quantum computing platform, and allowing users to run algorithms and experiments, work with quantum bits (qubits), and explore tutorials and simulations around what might be possible with quantum computing. Come by the IBM table to learn more about the quantum experience and get a 360 degree virtual tour of the IBM Quantum Computing Lab at the Thomas J. Watson Research Center in New York.

Video of the Lab -


UB Tech

UBTECH Robotics is dedicated to bringing a robot into every home and integrating intelligent robots into your daily life, creating a more intelligent and human-friendly way of leisure life.

UBTECH is bringing a series of products, including JIMU, LYNX, CRUZR and ALPHA 1 for users to interact with the hardware and background AI. They will also open the conference with a choreography completely performed by robots.



Cyphy is a drone company working on changing the world by building products that go beyond the status quo.

They will be bringing two different drones that will fly in the media lab for users to see them working live

The Persistent Aerial Reconnaissance and Communications (PARC)* system is designed to provide long term persistent stare capabilities and enable reliable long distance communications. PARC uses CyPhy Works’ patented microfilament system to deliver extreme endurance, increased capabilities, and a smaller logistical footprint. PARC flies itself, so very little user training is required; and when operating the system the user can focus on the data that PARC produces, instead of the system itself.

The PARC drone was used in partnership with UPS to explore drone delivery in remote areas.


The Pocket Flyer boasts large technology in a small package. Not only can it go anywhere, longer and farther than other drones, the Pocket Flyer is still small enough to fit in a cargo pocket. That’s powerful innovation.



Athos builds stronger, faster and more explosive athletes using their revolutionary Athos Training System (ATS). The ATS is the world’s first system to deliver instant and actionable insights around athletic training load and movement quality using personalized, muscle activity data. Athos captures muscle activity data through high-performance base layers, which can be worn during any athletic activity or workout, instantly delivering a wealth of information to the athlete or coach, accessible through a free mobile app and desktop analysis system.

Athos will be bringing their high-performance apparel to the conference. These garments have built-in sEMG sensors that send data to a core that snaps directly into the garment. The core processes the data and sends it via Bluetooth to the Athos iOS app, where it can be analyzed by the Athlete and Coach.



Aira offers an innovative, on-demand service designed to help blind and low-vision users gain mobility and independence via live streaming and wearable technologies. It provides personalized assistance from orientation and mobility experts who can be trained Aira Agents, family members, or friends. Our experts, backed by state-of-the art technology, serve as visual interpreters and navigators for our users, helping them accomplish a wide range of daily tasks and activities.