Nargis Sakhibova - CHAIR & managing director

Nargis is a native of Dushanbe, Tajikistan. Prior to starting at MIT Sloan, she spent 3 years working as a litigation consultant at Analysis Group where she used her economics and psychology degrees to solve complex questions using big data analytics, economic theory and marketing research.

At MIT Sloan Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Marketing are the focus of her academic career. Nargis is interested in learning about the design of artificial intelligence based technological products that understand human irrationality. She is also hoping to launch a tech startup to help her country in the future.


Kalhan Koul - CHAIR & vp of showcase

Kalhan is a first year MBA student at MIT Sloan, where he is focusing on Entrepreneurship, Innovation, and Data Analytics. Prior to starting at MIT, Kalhan worked as a product manager for Capital One on their Digital Research & Development Team and also co-founded the start up Athledo, a sports management and analytics platform.

Outside of school, Kalhan enjoys powerlifting, hiking, travel, and reading science fiction.



Greg has always been interested in technology. At an early age he built servers and loved networking computers. Before coming to Sloan, he spent the last four years working as a consultant at Analysis Group, a leading strategy, financial, and economic consulting firm.  Some of his favorite projects were with technology clients, helping them navigate changing markets and better understand their customers. 

At Sloan, Greg's focuses are technology, strategy, and thinking about how to encourage innovation.  Outside of school, Greg spends his free time DJing electronic music, telemark skiing, and tending to his vegetable garden.


Tom is a Bay Area native. He began his career in finance, building technology infrastructure for managing hedge fund investments. He then transitioned into the technology industry, working for the AdTech firm PubMatic as Product Manager prior to MIT Sloan. He specializes in product strategy, design and big data infrastructure. 

At MIT Sloan, he is focused on broadening his knowledge of artificial intelligence by learning from world-class experts in the field. He hopes to enter the artificial intelligence industry to help make expert-quality advising and counseling available to everyone. 


Greg Smith.png


Devin Walsh is a first year MBA Student at MIT Sloan. She is currently in the Entrepreneurship and Innovation Track, and in addition to her work on the Tech Conference is also working on the MIT Fintech Conference. Prior to Sloan, she worked at BlackRock. She is from New Jersey. 



Isabelle Bensimon - VP OF SPEAKERS & CONTENT

Prior to attending MIT Sloan, Isabelle worked as a Senior Analyst at Analysis Group, Inc. in Boston. There, she employed advanced data analytics and experimental consumer survey design to evaluate complex issues for law firms, corporations, and academic experts.

At MIT Sloan, Isabelle is interested in honing her skills in analytics and machine learning, and applying them to product strategy and development. She looks forward to a world optimized by artificial intelligence and robotics, where all products and services can be tailored to the individual.





Rishika is a second year MBA candidate at MIT Sloan. This past summer she interned at Facebook and prior to Sloan, she worked at Apple to support product launches in the US market.  

Rishika is passionate about leveraging technology to improve internet connectivity and health outcomes in emerging and developing markets. In her free time she enjoys traveling, painting, playing the piano, wine tasting, and the outdoors.


alex burns - VP OF speakers & content

Alexandra (Alex) Burns is a second year student at the MIT Sloan School of Management. Prior to Sloan, Alex worked in revenue optimization at TripAdvisor and as a strategy and transformation consultant at IBM. In her role at TripAdvisor, Alex conducted big data analysis to assess the market opportunity of new product concepts, and led the launch of dynamic, value-based pricing for the core advertising product for hotels. At IBM, Alex’s work was focused in the financial sector, assisting clients in IT transformation, data security and risk mitigation. Alex spent her past summer at Apple, as an intern with the Product Operations team for the iPhone. At MIT Sloan, Alex is building upon her passion for business, technology and purpose, serving as a co-President for the MIT Technology Club, and as the co-Director for the MIT Sloan Board Fellows Program.


Jaida Yang - VP OF tech showcase

Prior to MIT Sloan, Jaida spent three years in financial services industry. She first worked at J.P. Morgan in New York where she developed strategies and new products for derivatives business, and then joined Marathon Venture Partners in China where she invested in early-stage companies in healthcare and FinTech.

At MIT Sloan, Jaida is pursuing a track in Entrepreneurship & Innovation. She is interested in learning more about commercialization of technologies, including artificial intelligence and blockchain. She is hoping to explore opportunities enabled by technology and help improve business efficiency and enhance human experience in emerging markets.


Martin Carrica.jpg

MARTIN CARRICA - VP OF tech showcase

Martin is native from Bariloche, Patagonia, Argentina. Prior to MIT Sloan, he worked as an Analyst at McKinsey focusing in Financial Services/ Banking and as Product Manager for a small but fast growth startup using his Engineering degree to structure complex problems and align people towards solving them.

At MIT Sloan Technology and Entrepreneurship are the focus of his academic career. Martin is interested in how new technologies can impact the lives of millions, specially back home in Latin America. He is passionate about learning how technology can open new business ideas and hopes to take one back to his region.


Karoline Skatteboe.jpeg

Karoline Skatteboe - VP OF partnerships

Karoline is a native of Oslo, Norway. she holds a B.S with majors in Management Science and Math and minors in Computer Science and Business Administration from Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Tx where she competed in NCAA D1 as a Track and Field and Cross Country student athlete. She various experience from Norwegian software consulting companies where she has interned as software developer. Karoline has also worked on developing software for UNICEF.

She is a part of the inaugural class of the MIT Sloan Master of Business Analytics program. Karoline is interested is the intersection between technology and business and new application for the field of data science.


Matthieu headshot.jpeg

Matthieu Humeau - VP OF partnerships

Matthieu comes from Paris in France and is a student in the new program Master of Business Analytics. Before coming to MIT, he received a Master in Engineering and Applied Mathematics in France and worked for one year for the data analytics team of a leading insurance company in Singapore.

At MIT, Matthieu’s primary focus is to use his highly technical background to learn the most advanced techniques in data analysis in order to bring value to organisations and improve the current decision making processes. He has a strong interest in Tech area and emerging technologies and he hopes to create his data analysis start-up in the coming years.


Nimrod Magen - VP OF partnerships

Nimrod is a native of Jerusalem, Israel. Prior to starting at MIT Sloan, Nimrod had worked in a consulting firm specializing in IT solutions and analytics tools for the Healthcare industry. Prior to that, Nimrod has led an Internet start-up for three years and was responsible for a national-level upstream marketing for an international Pharmaceuticals company for another two years.

At MIT Sloan, marketing, strategy and product management are the focus of Nimrod’s academic career. As a team-player with experience in Tech, Nimrod is deeply committed to empowering people and to crafting new infrastructure and strategies for Technology businesses growths. In promoting this goals, Nimrod also takes part in a marketing strategy project for Google, works on a start-up in the Digital space, and advises two other start-ups.



Abe Stein - VP OF partnerships

Abe Stein is an sales and strategy professional in the technology industry. Prior to beginning his MBA at MIT Sloan, he spent 4 years working for a German IaaS startup, ProfitBricks. His professional experience spans the United States and Europe, having lived and worked in Boston, Cambridge, and most recently, Berlin.

At Sloan, Abe's primary focus is the intersection of computing technologies and natural resource allocation. He has worked on a number of projects in the IoT space, from networking and data efficiency, to smart metering solutions.



Mohsen Malik - VP OF partnerships

Prior to Sloan, Mohsen was a Manager of Educational Technology Innovation at Teach for America where he led efforts to uncover opportunities to invest in and develop new technologies to move Teach for America’s mission forward.


Riva Margolis - VP of Partnerships

Riva is a first year MBA candidate at MIT Sloan School of Management. Prior to Sloan, Riva was a Manager in the Global Corporate Development team at Deloitte, where she helped the firm develop M&A strategy and execute acquisitions globally. At Sloan, she is focused on learning more about emerging technologies, entrepreneurship and finance. 


Johnathan Soreff - VP OF marketing

Johnathan is an MBA candidate (2018) at MIT Sloan School of Management. Prior to MIT Sloan, Johnathan spent 3 years working as a senior financial advisor at KPMG Israel in his hometown of Tel Aviv. At KPMG  he specialized in transaction services and financial modeling for a variety of industries including tech, communication, retail, agriculture and electronics. He is also former Captain in the IDF Special Forces’ Rescue unit.

At MIT Sloan, Johnathan’s aims to expand his knowledge of the wider tech industry with a particular interest in the implementation of artificial intelligence. Recently, he was part of the winning team at the MIT-IBM Watson hackathon. Additionally, Johnathan is VP Treks of Sloan Tech Club and VP finance of the Israeli Business Club.



Ronen Paritzky - VP OF marketing

Ronen was raised in Tel Aviv, Israel. Prior to his enrollment at MIT Sloan, he spent 8 years in Madrid, Spain, where he worked as an Aviation Security Manager for EL-AL (Israeli Airlines). Ronen coordinated flight operations with security management while making critical security decisions under pressure, using his creative thinking and communication skills to engage with both his staff and the passengers.

At MIT Sloan Ronen is mainly focusing on Technology, Marketing, and Operations. Ronen wishes to learn about the impacts that current and future technologies generate, examining the ways they improve people’s lives, and he hopes to work in this field in the near future.


Kat ZORIG Filer - VP OF marketing

Khatantuul (Kat) Zorig Filer was born and raised in Mongolia. After coming to the States as an exchange student and living with a host family in Montana, she continued her education and passion in Mathematics at Virginia Western Community College and then at University of Virginia (UVA). Prior to Sloan, she was a Technology and Analytics Consultant at Accenture where she had an opportunity to play key roles in solving challenging business problems and implementing analytics and project management systems for defense agencies and contractors.

Throughout and after her Sloan experience, she hopes to continue focusing on making an impact in the world through technology. She is specifically passionate about the use of exponential technologies such as AR, VR, AI, and Machine Learning in shaping the minds of the next generation and most importantly in giving children in the under-served neighborhoods and developing countries free and personalized access to education. 


Jessie tsai - VP OF marketing

Jessie is currently a first year MBA student at MIT Sloan. She first started her career at Citigroup in New York before transitioning into tech, where she worked in business development and strategy for an education technology startup owned by HTC Corp. The experience inspired her to come to MIT and learn more about other exciting areas within tech.

At MIT Sloan, she’s passionate about exploring new technology and thinking about ways to bring innovations to market.


Khatia Chitashvili.png

Khatia Chitashvili - VP OF Logistics

Khatia is originally from Georgia, the country. Prior to Sloan she worked in the financial services in National Bank of Georgia and EY, exploring regulations and financials of banking and healthcare industries and helping respective clients with refining their operations and completing successful Initial Public Offerings.

At MIT Sloan, Khatia is focused on the organizations and practices in the Tech industry, where the Operations is the key competitive advantage. She is also passionate about promoting women’s role in the business world, thus actively participating in running the Sloan Women in Management Club and brining together female students and alumni.



Mallimalika Gupta - VP OF Logistics

Malli is a first-year MBA candidate at MIT Sloan School of Management. Prior to Sloan, she worked as a consultant with PwC in New York City focused on strategy, innovation and program design in digital health. She designed programs that used technology to make healthcare more consumer-friendly. At Sloan, she is focusing her experience on technology-based innovation and consumer-centric product design within companies. She is passionate about using technology to create products that solve large-scale human problems.

Malli attended Bryn Mawr College where she majored in Economics with minors in Creative Writing and Political Science.


yushan yang - VP OF Logistics

Yushan is from Taiwan. Prior to Sloan, she used to work in Tech industry for 6 years, specializing in corporate finance and supply chain management. Over the past few years, she built a solid network in hardware supply chain in Asia. At Sloan, she aspires to digital technology, understanding how digitization disrupts the entire industries and business models. That’s why she is passionate with Tech conference!