1980: Artificial Narrow Intelligence (ANI) replaces labor-intensive human jobs.

1990 - 2010: Advances in machine learning, voice and visual recognition allow ANI to undertake sophisticated tasks such as navigation and data analytics.

2015: Artificial Intelligence spans multiple industries and use cases – from scheduling meetings to performing complex medical diagnosis. Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) is not far away.

2040: AGI replaces business management executives and can perform all "human" jobs more efficiently than humans.

...Are we ready?

Thomas Anton Kochan - Co-Director, Institute for Work and Employment Research; Professor of Management, MIT

John Frankel - Founder, ff Venture Capital

Nathan Wilson - Co-Founder and CTO, Nara Logics

Amanda Kahlow - CEO, 6sense

Bruno Kurtic - Founding VP of Product & Strategy, Sumo Logic