Gigster Uses AI to Help "Democratize Software Development"

Ever wonder how much it would cost to build that dream app of yours? Gigster can now estimate that cost and give you a production schedule in under 10 minutes. Its artificial intelligence engine gets smarter with each project it completes, which allows the company to efficiently enlist an army of remote developers to plug in pre-made blocks of code. Impressed? So is Andreessen Horowitz, which led a $10 million Series A round just 18 weeks after Gigster launched.

Source: TechCrunch

Bytes on Software Development: Chris Dixon from Andreessen Horowitz wrote about software eating software development over a year ago, claiming that demand will "continue to dramatically outpace the supply." Barriers to software development have already become significantly lower with the proliferation of virtual servers, APIs and open source platforms. Perhaps most disruptive will be the ability for all non-programmers to become software developers, aided by artificial intelligence and services provided by companies like Gigster.