Blake Irving (GoDaddy CEO) Calls Out Impact of AI on Daily Life in 2016

Blake Irving lists the 4 ways that applied artificial intelligence will make an impact on our everyday lives in 2016. In specific, Irving identifies AI applications in:

  • Vehicles produced by Mercedes and Tesla, that will be used by people en masse on not only highways/freeways but also urban areas. Applied AI in vehicles does not only take the form of autonomous vehicles, it also looks like cars that can assist their drivers in unexpected traffic situations, read speed signs, and avoid hazards on the road.
  • Digital personal assistants like Siri and's Amy. Though we've become familiar with some form of a digital assistant on our smartphones over the past few years, in 2016 we will be able to have more "natural" conversation with our Amys and Siris (e.g. being able to ask "how long will take it for me to get to work if I take the 95" vs. "how long will it take for me to get to work") 

One of the companies mentioned above will actually be present at our 2016 Conference (!!).

Source: LinkedIn