Innovation Driven by Machine Learning in the Education Space

Online advertising single-handedly drove innovation in "big data". Although commercial pursuits are naturally again leading the forefront of AI, there are companies that are working on use cases for AI in the education space.

Source: EdWeek

Bytes on AI in Education

AI is being used for solving common problems experienced by students and educators. Loosely, there is a division among businesses working in education: (a) companies focused on content and learning and (b) companies focused on delivering education and running an educational institution.

In Group A: Businesses such as Gooru and Watson are focusing on optimizing content being taught. Businesses such as DreamBox and Mangahigh are using AI to track progression in learning and drive gains in learning. 

In Group B: NewClassrooms solves the supply & demand problem in education by dynamically pairing teachers' free time with that of students'. Similarly, there are also businesses that are pairing teachers with schools. EDULOG, Evolution, and DietMaster aim to improve "back office" / bureaucratic tasks like bus scheduling and nutritional content in meals served.