Archetypes for Machine Learning Based Businesses

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are at the peak of the Gartner hype cycle. To distinguish all of the businesses that are being written about, it's helpful to be able to bucket them into groups. Most of the businesses that leverage some form of AI can be grouped according to how they collect and manipulate data, and provide insights to their customer. I'm most excited about "Gateways" and "Magic Wands". Stay tuned for our announcements on the participants in our technology showcase, which will feature Gateways and Magic Wands...

Source: TechCrunch 

Bytes on Machine Intelligence Business Archetypes:

- Panopticons: Collect very large data sets from sources that were previously difficult to access and aim to answer already known business      questions. Think of a business like Planet Labs, which collects data through satellites orbiting the earth- its data set can be relevant to use cases many industries (agriculture, defense, urban planning...).

- Lasers: In contrast to panopticons, lasers collect data sets that are focused on a specific business problem. For Lasers, AI adds value to the customer by efficiently and intelligently extracting conclusions that were previously impossible to reach with comparable accuracy and breadth.

- Alchemists: Alchemists mostly work with a customer's existing data set and add value through their novel AI algorithms. An example is In contrast,

- Gateways: Gateways are businesses that can create insights by analyzing various formats of data. Think combining data embedded in images of patients and genomic data to identify early onset of illnesses.

- Magic Wands: Magic Wands thrive in an internet of things world. They leverage insights from a data set and then implement suggestions based on those insights with an existing workflow. Examples range from self-editing text editor, Textio, to InboxVudu, an intelligent assistant for your e-mail.

- Navigators: Navigators refer to the underlying technology that enable autonomous hardware like self-driving vehicles and robots.

- Agents: Agents are businesses that accomplish tasks by combining AI-derived insights with human (YOUR) insights in real-time. The perfect examples are Clara from Clara Labs and Amy from