Humans (that’s YOU) Power AI Innovation at Facebook

When it comes to social data, Facebook is the clear king: The network attracts 1.5B users each month (that’s bigger than the population in China, and almost 5x the population in the US!), and these users leave a behind a wide wake of data that Facebook is mining to teach its machines. Facebook’s August release of “M” – the virtual assistant for Facebook’s messaging tool– is only the beginning. As M users grow, M becomes more intelligent and has even started to develop a sense of humor. But how will Facebook overcome cultural and ethical challenges in integrating intelligent products like M with the masses?

Bytes on Facebook A.I.: A few weeks ago, Yann LeCun visited MIT to discuss his work within Facebook’s AI research lab. Facebook has invested 30% of its revenue on R&D (think $1.3B per quarter), including two AI initiatives: One focused on products, and the other focused on academic research.